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                    Title: Wool ironing machine
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                    GI-70-HHYDRAULIC IRONONG MACHINE

                    Our machinery has been developed and improved in functions and quality after several years' effort in practice. Now it is well accepted among the clients from home and abroad, it is the most important equipment and the first selection for all the customers in their processing facilities for the production of the lambskin (and other small skins such as rabbit, mink, fox, etc). 
                    High speed and efficiency through the operation electrical and hydraulic system.
                    The operator could adjust the working speed freely by changing the running speed of the felt apron, and he could also adjust the pressure acting on skin from the ironing cylinder and then change the contacting surface between them easily.
                    The ironing cylinder is well protected by four-layer of chrome plated material, it is never to be corrupted when it touches with chemicals. 36 pcs of heating element tubes compose the heating system, evenly and smoothly locate inside the ironing cylinder, the temperature is well controlled by the temperature adjustor with the communication between the adjustor and the thermocouple. All these measures make the guaranty of working, the surface of ironing cylinder is evenly heated and the temperature is well controlled, the result of the ironing is perfect, and finally the double-face lambskins are well done in production and the quality becomes the best.
                    The machine is equipped with control panel box, security protection system and powerful suction motor fan.
                    Technical Specifications of the machine:
                             Working size            :           700mm
                             Work speed              :           80-150 pcs/h
                             Max heating power  :           16.2kw
                             Ironing roller power :           7.5kw
                             pump power              :           1.5kw
                             blow fan                     :            1.1kw
                             Machinery install size :           2.85x2.13x1.66m
                             Net weight                  :           1290kg
                             Gross weight              :           1698kg
                             Cbm                            :            5m3
                             Total power               :            26.3kw
                             Operate worker        :           one
                             Drive type                 :            electric ,hydraulic
                             Packing size              :           1900x1900x1680mm
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