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                    Title: PP drum
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                    Detail for crocodile dyeing sample detail

                          Diameter                   :      2500mm

                    • Length                      :      2000mm
                    • Rev of drum               :      2-6 rpm
                    • The door of loading size (LXW):     600x800mm material:316L(stainless steel) one unit
                    • Total volume                :     17.3m3
                    • Max loading volume     :     7.8m3
                    • Power                          :     5.5kw
                    • Gear box                      :     standard type 350#
                    • Gear box smaller gear  :     higher stronger and anti-friction material
                    • Wooden material          :      PP
                    • Wooden thickness        :      20mm
                    • Gearwheel                    :      2016, m12, standard cast-iron
                    • Bracket panel               :      1200, standard cast-iron
                    Add liquid, discharge and recycling :  automatically add the liquid and discharge and recycling duringdrum running auto
                    • Spindle and the bearing      :       Main spindle ZG45#, 3524# self-aligning bearing
                    • Outside drum                      :      two head Cranes fix stronger by steel
                    • Paddle or pile                      :       4 lines paddle (170mm height)and 8 lines pile(220mm height)
                    • Motor control                      :       inverter
                    • Electrical control cabinet     :       one cabinet/drum
                    • Running control                   :        manual control or auto control by times set
                     Time control running          :        clockwise(c.w) and antilock wise running direction ,stop or recycling running
                    Time control point move     :        clockwise and antilock wise, limited time control ,speed reduce and brake
                    • Power                     :         3phase 380v 50Hz or 6
                    • Remark                   :        all material touch skin is PP(door covered by PP)
                    • Water running        :        auto recycling from out size
                    • water out               :         dewater unit
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