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                    Title: wetblue tannery belt or clip conveyor
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                    NTRODUCTION : our conveyor special for Wetblue skin tannery ,the process from warehouse skin or lime skin conveyor to drum , or skin out drum conveyor to fleshing machine or splitting machine ,this conveyor possible replace forklift ,reduce operator numbers ,improve speed for re move skin also improve the environment
                    this conveyor for :
                    1.remove the wet skin from soaking or liming drum ---- fleshing machine
                    2.wet blue skin from drum to splitting machine
                    3.remove the salt skin to drum---- fleshing machine ----drum ----splitting machine ---drum
                    main technical
                    1. conveyor remove speed    :      0-9m/min
                    2.speed control                    :       inverter stepless
                    3.distance between skin       :       1.2m/point(or 0.8m/point or 1.6m/point)
                    4.max loading                      :       70kg/point
                    5.drive chain max loading    :        40kg/point
                    6air compressor                  :        6Bar
                    7.power request                  :         0.55-1.1kw
                    8.trace up and dow distance :       max height 7m , min height 2m
                    9.trace install size                :         up to buyer machinery an building size :circle 30-00m
                    remark : 1.loading hangers with two type hooking and clip for choose
                                  2.before design supply machinery location and building size
                    Automatic conveyor skin auto matic unloding to drum
                    Introduction :this conveyor special for Wetblue tannery move the skin to drum from ware house to finish wet blue skin automaticly, the main part is conveyor ,PLC control whole process , automatic count the weight,number,point to point send skin to drum door ,set in advance ,automatically conveyor. this conveyor possible replace forklift ,reduce operator numbers ,improve speed for remove skin also improve the environment
                    Process : warehouse skinsoaking drum , fleshing ------liming in drum ,splitting ----tanning drum
                    wooden stainless steel drum/fleshing machine/sammying machine/splitting machine/shaving machine /sammying and setting out machine/vacuum dryer/toggling machine/air dry /rotary staking machine/vibration staking machine /buffing machine /air dusty machine/ironing machine/roller coating machine /leather spraying machine /plate or roller embossing machine
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