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                    Title: Leather measuring machine
                    Hits: 8744
                    Measuring type
                    Wet blue before sammying or after sammying ,dry finished leather
                    Machinery model
                    Vertical type or horizontal type
                    Working Speed
                    Motor Power
                    Measuring Precision
                    The same verifying standard board under continuous accumulate-adding 10 times condition 1%
                    Intel CPU, designment of full-orientations fireproofing-wall, quite separate from leather static (original creation in China)
                    special high-speed printer or TM800
                    Optical Scanning mode
                    Digital infrared ray, module-style combination (original creation in China), each 20cm independently to a unit so as to make it not only firm and durable, but easy to change
                    Synchronous Track
                    Adopt high technical precise sensor
                    Showing mode
                    Industry-class monitor, Chinese or English working menu and easily to learn
                    Stamping Mechanism
                    numerical-control motor heating stamping mode(for dry leather)
                    Computer List
                    Print single piece, half of package, total package and duplication.
                    Stamping location of leather
                    Can be freely set by customers. Choose the location that you need
                    Case list function
                    Set case list and print while setting package list
                    Classification function
                    Set larger or smaller than the appointed leather and automatically pick up when measuring. So it can decrease the trouble of picking up by manpower
                    Emendation function
                    Supply data emendation and percentage zoom, easy and reliable operation. It doesnt change when you set
                    Setting pieces
                    99 pieces in a package, total 10200 pieces
                    Editing function
                    can input Chinese or English name of factory, phone number, grade, leather name and so on
                    Deleting function
                    Can delete current piece or certain piece in a package
                    Fault diagnosis
                    Have function of computer fault self-diagnosis, achieve rapid maintenance
                    Size function
                    Can measure square meter, square ruler, square feet, square feet biquinary scale

                    PART FOR CHOOSE:1.setting out unit 2.stamp unit

                    PACKING:wooden case

                    DELIVERY TIME:5-20 days

                    QUALITY:China best

                    wooden stainless steel drum/fleshing machine/sammying machine/splitting machine/shaving machine /sammying and setting out machine/vacuum dryer/toggling machine/air dry /rotary staking machine/vibration staking machine /buffing machine /air dusty machine/ironing machine/roller coating machine /leather spraying machine /plate or roller embossing machine
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