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                     EMBOSSING PLATE TECHNOLOGY :

                        30 years of experience have turned us into what we are today.

                    embossing plates are often used in the fashion industry, which is characterized by frequently changing designs and trends. For smaller quantities and seasonal production, our customers prefer embossing plates. Flexibility and custom-made solutions guarantee a surface refinement at the utmost level.

                    PACKING :

                    FIX AND INSTALLTION :

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                    EMBOSSING ROLLER :

                      We are in the manufacturing of embossing rollers for more than 30 years. The durable embossing tools are ideally suited for the industrial refinement of large quantities. They are produced and customized according to our clients technical requirements. Our services range from roller refurbishment to the delivery of completely new embossing rollers.

                    MAKING PROCESS :

                    Traditional molettage technique
                    The traditional procedure of molettage gives us a valuable competitive advantage in terms of creating qualitatively outstanding and unique embossing designs.
                    Modern laser technology
                    Modern laser technology enables us to realise graphic and three-dimensional patterns precisely on embossing rollers.
                    High resolution 3D-Scanner
                    Our high-resolution 3D scanner captures your sample swatches in an identical manner and also edits or reproduces them according to your requirements.
                    Digital picture editing
                    Digital picture editing programs support our designers and engravers in the development of new designs and editing of existing patterns. We are inspired by our customers as well as trends and fashion shows.

                    ORDER PROCESS :


                    ALL PATTERNS SHOW :

                    1.grain :https://goo.gl/photos/5h9Sv77r1AoGk9i96




                    5.customs patten:https://goo.gl/photos/8QwEjHc8cy3mCsFa9

                    RELATED PRODUCTION:


                    We know the trends and create innovation.

                    The successful presentation of new embossing designs in combination with our unique sampling service is our core competency, which has been highly appreciated by our customers for decades. 

                    The unique arrangement of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship enables us to reproduce our customers patterns accurately in every detail and to create innovative embossing designs. Our development team consists of experienced engravers and creative designers, who connect tradition with innovation. Constant trend research allows us to support our customers continuously during the entire development process.

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